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  • Detachable main frame allows the bike to be effectively broken down for easy transportation or storage.

  • A sensibly-designed multi-directional adjustable seating system provides optimal positioning both horizontally and vertically and provides plenty of head, back and arm support, allowing for a wealth of different settings to accommodate both large and small kids.
  • The image shows the positioning of the two x 2" comfortable velcro straps that can be moved up and down the back of the seat. In fact there is room for up to four of the 2" velcro straps if necessary, to keep the torso upright and comfortable.
  • The bottom bracket is also adjustable to allow precise pedal placement. Children of all ages will feel comfortable on Micah as it grows with them.
  • A special connection rod joins the front fork to the rear handlebar axis to allow for a parent or guardian walking behind to control or assist the steering direction.
  • Handlebar is fully adjustable, safely padded with foam and positioned for maximum comfort.
  • Quick-release skewers are used extensively for added convenience. A one-touch rear wheel removal system allows for convenient transportation and easy disassembly.
  • The Micah Abductor (optional extra) provides a comfortable solution to help keep the rider's knees in alignment with the hips and ankles. It attaches to the frame without any tools and has easy height adjustment.
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