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All children should have the chance to ride a bike, and the MICAH Special Needs Tricycle has opened up the world of riding to many who have never experienced cycling before.

Your special needs child can now join in the fun of bike riding with the MICAH tricycle, which has been designed especially for children with Cerebral Palsy (CP) or related physical impairments. Riding this three wheeled bike will increase your child's self confidence, independence and mobility, as well as improving their motor skills.

The MICAH tricycle is designed to grow with the child - fully adjustable frame length and multi-directional seating system provides plenty of head, back, body and arm support. This allows for a wealth of different settings to accommodate both the small and large kids who need just a little extra help. The foam padded Loop Handlebar can be adjusted to meet your child's preferred hand position.

A key feature of the MICAH is the steering function for the carer/parent which is provided by the push/pull looped rear handlebar. This unique steering feature ensures your child's safety and security when riding the bike, whilst letting them enjoy the magic of bike motion.

The MICAH has a detachable main frame and easy to remove wheels via quick release, which allows the trike to be easily 'broken down' for easy transportation or storage. To re-assemble the trike, it takes three minutes of easy action.

The Micah Abductor (optional extra) provides a comfortable solution to help keep the rider's knees in alignment with the hips and ankles. It attaches to the frame without any tools and has easy height adjustment.

  • Great portability - easy to dismantle for transportation/storage and then just minutes to reassemble.
  • Super light-weight less than 19kg of robust alloy construction.
  • Helps relax tense muscles and assists in strengthening them.
  • Improves physical and mental coordination.
  • Promotes rehabilitation and mobility.
  • The rear push/pull steering handle enables carer/parent to induce stretching rider's arms and legs without his awareness.
  • Fully weighted, self levelling pedals with sturdy heel support and velcro straps.
  • Adjustable handlebar, pedals and seating system to fit children and young adults.
  • Adjustable bottom bracket for exact pedal placement.
  • Large, foam padded handlebar with adjustable height and angle to meet individual needs.
  • Comfortable, thick padded saddle with adjustable height and position.
  • Adjustable headrest, back support, arm rests, 2" wide velcro chest and seat belts.
  • Parking brake to aid mounting and dismounting.
  • Fixed gear to go forward and backward without feet touching ground.
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